Phenotypic Screening Platform

Senerga® PS Platform provides a time-efficient and powerful in vivo method for identifying pharmaceutically relevant activity compounds. It consists of three matrices that are designed to cover the maximum number of biological pathways and disease scenarios while providing predictive toxicology data. Data generated includes up to 80 combined in vivo measuresments, biomarkers, and histological data points, which are then analyzed using a propietary algorithm  to identify hit compounds that modulate relevant biological processes. Observations from Senerga® PS may provide greater predictability than in vitro screening methods, which lack complex bioligcal systems often leading to unpredicted biological interactions when taken into animal or human subjects. 



Senerga® PS Platform Matrices:

Senerga® PS Platform can be run in its entirety or modified to accommodate specific objectives of each compound library. The platform can be applied to libraries with as few as 50 compounds and as many as 1500 compounds. Results directly apply to structure-activity relationship, further chemistry modification and toxicology. 

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