Research Approach

Preclinical strategies used to identify potential drug candidates include target-based screening, phenotypic screening, modification of natural substances and biologic-based apporaches. Analysis of the different discovery strategies for 259 approved new molecular entities and new biologics between 1999 and 2008 showed that the contribution of phenotypic screening to the discovery of first-in-class small-molecule drugs exceeded that of target-based approaches in an era in which the major focus was on target-based approaches. This publication highlights the story that is common within the industry: massively increasing expenditure with less delivery of new drugs to the market. True Pharmaceutical relevance in early stage drug discovery is critical to sucess. 

Swinney, D. and Anthony, J, Nature Rev. Drug Disc., 10(2011), p 507-519. Data is not weighted to account for the emphasis being on target-based approaches during this time frame.

MD Biosciences Innovalora’s depth of expertise is based on the identification of potential candidates through its proprietary Senerga® Phenotypic Screening Platform. Hits identified through this powerful platform undergo investigation as potential lead compounds. Such hits are developed into lead compounds through a series of mechanistic and efficacy studies aimed at full characterization of the compounds. Unique translational models solidify our candidate portfolio while minimizing the risk associated with potential failure of compounds at later, clinical stages.


MD Biosciences Innovalora sees the development of novel, informative models as a crucial element of its success. Tied with in-depth analysis of biomarkers on the protein and gene levels, we are able to fully investigate and characterize compounds.