Collaborative Drug Discovery Program

Recent years have seen a fundmatental shift in funding moving from discovery and preclinical development to later phase clinical trials. The results have been an increasingly dry pipeline of novel chemical entities and biologics as well as a scarcity of compounds moving into the clinical phases. As the pharma business model has been challenged and changed, proven preclinical compounds have become increasingly valuable as a means to ensure the ability of pharmaceutical companies to offer propietary, non-generic, revenue-generating drugs in the near future. 


Drug Discovery & Development Partnerships
MD Biosciences Innovalora is developing first-in-class compounds and seeking to repurpose drug candidates in the following therapeutic areas:
  • Neuropathic, chronic pain

  • Neurodegenerative diseases

  • Acute pain

  • Metabolic diseases including diabetes

  • Oncoimmunologic diseases

  • Skin Inflammation and wound healing

MD Biosciences Innovalora is seeking interested parties for its co-development strategies. For further information, please contact us.