January 5, 2015:  Nes Ziona, Israel:  


MD Biosciences Innovalora Ltd. announces the signing of its first collaborative research and development agreement with a major pharmaceutical company. The agreement is for the development in an undisclosed therapeutic area. Terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. 


According to Eddie Moradian, CEO of MD Biosciences, “The agreement between MD Biosciences Innovalora with one of the largest industry leaders is a validation of our platforms and potential in the discovery of new hits and their rapid progress to validated hits. Our Senerga® screening platform enables the identification of unique pharmaceutical activity, along with a massive amount of biomarker data pointing to possible mode of action as well as potential toxicity issues. MD Biosciences Innovalora’s unique translational models will round out the strong portfolio of our candidate drugs and prepare these for next phases of development.” 


This marks the first risk-shared collaborative engagement of MD Biosciences Innovalora, bringing a new level of engagement, involvement and opportunity to MD Biosciences and its longtime network of industry partners.


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